Loba Pâtisserie is a four-hands pastry project. Our names are Cris Massana and Martina Sampaolo, vegan pastry chefs, co-founders of Loba, and pastry consultants.

Cris was born in Barcelona and has a background in anthropology and culinary arts. Martina was born in Rome and is a self-taught chef with a background in photography. We have been working in Paris as a team since 2019. We founded Loba in 2022 in response to the high demand for high-end vegan pastry, and it’s our desire to make it available to a larger public in Europe.

We develop, investigate, formulate and test together vegan recipes to get the closest possible to the best traditional and modern pastry, without giving up on flavors and textures. We believe that it is possible to create animal-free, high-quality pastry, and we want to contribute to this change.

Loba is an ever-evolving enterprise.

We move in different directions to make our project possible. We do consulting work for restaurants, pastry shops, and brands, and we travel around the world to host ephemeral pop-up events to bring our vision of pastry.


During the last years we saw veganism growing all over the world and appearing in the market as well as in the hospitality industry. While we are happy with this change, we still think there is much more to do for vegan food to reach the same level of the traditional.

Vegan food and pastry are often associated with healthy unprocessed foods while other visions are still not well represented. We think it’s time to make space for high-end vegan pastry and let it grow and develop with new traditions.

Plant-based pastry presents also another advantage: flavors are purer and not covered with secondary ingredients such as butter and eggs.

"We believe vegan is the future of pastry and we are involved in this change, filled with curiosity to see what is coming next."